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Top writer in whatever he damn well pleases. Satirist. Polymath. Dark empath. Yee-haw! Google me, I auto fill. Professional inquires/nudes to hogantorah@gmail
From the Night Guard Security Facebook page

The police reality television show COPS was one of the first and longest running reality shows on TV. The show exploited the perils lowest rungs of society for our amusement and I miss it something fierce.

The new-to-US South African show High Alert makes COPS look like a talk show…


Image from Emma Kapotes Youtube video How to Flirt With Girls at Raves

It’s hard for guys to talk to women these days. Especially women who look like Power Ranger villains. There’s thousands of words you can put together hundreds of ways. Statements, questions, compliments, and insults are only letters apart. What if you say the wrong thing?

Put the right words together…


Image author

The death that will affect your life the most is your own.

One of my earliest memories was watching a cartoon when I was five. I don’t remember what the cartoon was or what happened but it flipped a switch in my brain. …


Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels image by Hogan Torah

New years is bullshit. An overhyped meaningless holiday stolen from the Jews. New years eve is bigger bullshit. Jews don’t do that. That’s an American construct. They added drinking champagne to get people to drink that crap and ball dropping because fuck you we’re America. You’d figure it would be…

Hogan Torah

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