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I wish I could make this stuff up.

I’ve been writing or blogging for 25 years. I started writing to self soothe when coming down from Ecstasy. Originally my medium was pen and paper. Then AOL. After that, MySpace. Until, drugs.

My early screen names included Logboi, Bloodninja, Anotherlogan, Ohmygodude, and ScourgeoftheWest.

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Image capture from A Milli

It’s a celebration bitches

Okay, the celebration is slightly premature, but I am drunk and don’t care. I got a million views on a tweet.

A reply to a tweet is still a tweet. But yo, check it.


Having to watch 50 hours worth of superhero movies to know what’s going on is stupid

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Images used from Disney Media & Entertainment

I was dicking around on Twitter and came across this tweet by a rival writer.

I hate John DeVore. He’s a great writer, but I hate him.

As a writer, I naturally hate any other writer that has more followers than I do. Any writer with less followers I look down my nose at. John and I are both pop-culture journalist humorists and he has more followers than me so fuck that guy.

I was fairly certain I knew which television program he spoke of. It’s the same program all the nerds are talking about and I hate it.

Album Release: Pantera — Far Beyond Driven

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Phil Anselmo Image PD

The year was 1994 and heavy metal had been declared dead. A decade of posers wearing spandex, singing through their noses had tainted the brand.

Grunge music was in the process of taking over the world. Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog were beginning their reign at the top of gangster rap. Yet the top 5 songs for 1994 on Billboard’s charts were these.

  1. "The Sign” Ace of Base
  2. "I Swear” All-4-One
  3. "I’ll Make Love to You” Boyz II Men
  4. "The Power of Love” Céline Dion
  5. "Hero” Mariah Carey

The album rankings looked much the same.

I was fifteen years old…

Lego has nothing on the other weird places Star Wars has popped up

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Image from The Muppet Show. Now available on Disney+

These aren’t about comics where you can slip in a character without having the crap sued out of you. These are official licensed crossovers that George Lucas gave the green light to because he loves money.

The Muppet Show —The Stars of Star Wars

Considering Frank Oz played Yoda, this crossover makes sense. But the Muppets intentionally never made any sense. Late 70’s TV was nothing but famous people singing and dancing. This was no different.

Luke Skywalker and his cousin Mark Hamill (because that’s how they are playing it) come to the Muppet show to rescue Chewbacca. …

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Courtesy John Birch guitars

How the hell did he do that?

Like many electronic videos, I dismissed this as crap in the late 90's.

Then I got into music production and started seeing not only music in a different way, but music videos.

A good music video should synch up with what is going on with the song. At the first glance this video is a guy looking out the window on a train, but it’s so much more. The scenery passes in time with the music. It does an incredible job demonstrating the nuances of the song.

Still mind blowing.

Another true Hollywood story

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Hunter S. Thompson by author

The year was 1998. Los Angeles. I was a drug dealer in my early 20's.

My clientele ranged the gamut between sixteen and sixty. In the older category there were these 3 guys… I nicknamed them The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers.

The coldest story ever told

When I was younger I worked at an audio mastering studio in Los Angeles.

I was called in on a Saturday to the studio due to a rapper wanting to sit in on the mastering of his album to digital format. It was rare any artist cared enough to sit in on a mastering. But it happened on occasion.

Usually it was because the artist had no where else to go. Artists, especially rappers usually came with an entourage of 2 to 20 people. Which is the real reason I was called, for extra security.

We were surprised when…

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Marilyn Manson — Dope Show

I was in a few extra actor pools during the late 1990’s. I was called when they needed ripped skinny dudes, ravers, dancers or soldiers extras. They called the people who were in the solider, dancer categories for this one. All I have to say is I look damn good in pink.

Wow, the audio quality is terrible. Sorry.

You can sorta see my face at 2:37. The cop holding the barricade as Marilyn walked by, that’s me. In the script I’m sexy cop 6. My favorite part was the scene at 2:46.

Filming that dance scene I took the…

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