Banned from Quora for Calling Out a Catfish and Doxing a Pedophile

Sometimes doing the right thing is a violation of the terms of service

Hogan Torah


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I answered 800 questions. My word count was equivalent to 3 full-length novels. My writing had 20 million views in one year. Then one day I was banned and the content I created was deleted from the internet.

It’s been over three years since I was banned from Quora. I‘ve been holding off on telling this story for two reasons.

The first was my bitterness. I needed time to cool down to be able to look back subjectively. Honestly I’m still a little butt hurt.

The second reason was it’s embarrassing. The reasons Quora gave for banning me makes me sound like a psychopath.

Quora moderation banned you from Quora. Reason: Harassed other users, made threats, posted other people’s nudes without their permission
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I did all that. Probably more. If I had to do it all over again I would do it differently, but I don’t regret breaking the rules to do what I felt was right.

The Boneyard

I started a space on Quora called the Boneyard. Originally it was intended for erotic stories, but it became a space for self-shot soft-core amateur nudes. Key word being amateur. The only photos I allowed were self-shot nudes and I moderated the space with an iron fist to keep it that way.

To say The Boneyard was a hit is putting it mildly. The space generated over a million page views for Quora every week. It was the number one space on the platform.

When you’re on top, there’s always some asshole trying to piss in your Cheerios.


Lily was an account that was wildly popular till it was banned. She was supposedly a sexy 19-year-old college student but there were a few things about her that didn’t add up.

She only had 5 pictures of her face but posted new sexy headless body pictures every few weeks. The body pictures didn’t match the face pics. She had booty and boobs but only in her headless body pictures.



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