Creator of Nothing I’m Proud of

If there is a user ID attached to a user, a discussion tends to become a criticizing game. On the other hand, under the anonymous system, even though your opinion/information is criticized, you don’t know with whom to be upset. Also with a user ID, those who participate in the site for a long time tend to have authority, and it becomes difficult for a user to disagree with them. Under a perfectly anonymous system, you can say, ‘it’s boring,’ if it is actually boring. All information is treated equally; only an accurate argument will work. — Shii

I chose not to take credit for my early work. I really liked the idea of anonymity. I suppose for the above purpose it works. If you’re a creator not so much.

Then later in life I found myself living out of a car that wasn’t even mine eating cold Spagetti-o’s. There was 3 of us in the car that night. We had enough Heroin to last us to the next day so we were good. The guy in the back was watching Family Guy on a laptop of dubious origins. I was semi conscious when I heard the joke kicking off.

Image courtesy of me, but also

“Let me see that laptop a minute.” I said feeling slightly nauseous.

Dragged the player back a minute.

“I wrote that joke!”

“You’re either full of shit or you aren’t doing it right. I believe it’s probably the latter.” Said the semi conscious dude in the drivers seat who’s name I can’t remember.

I was furious. Not at homeboy but myself because he was right. The guy from Simply Red got paid. I didn’t. That joke was only the tip of the intellectual property iceberg that has melted into the public domain written by me. Like, if I told you even half of the content I’ve given away anonymously it becomes unbelievable.

The joke was that there was one person responsible for every decent joke post on 4chan.

That was also my joke.

That’s why I’m here. I don’t care if you believe me or not. I’m here to do something even better.

I don’t need to rely on my past for relevancy.

Because Google auto completes my name.

My space on Quora had over a million page views a week

I am a creator. But forget what I’ve done before. It’s nothing I’m proud of.

I’m starting from scratch also no longer living out of a car or hooked on smack. Yesterday don’t mean shit. I’m looking to future. The future is now but also later because the future is weird.

This place, Medium is perfectly suited for me. No boundaries. Format is only a suggestion. I should have done this months ago. We’ll see how much they let me get away with. You should follow me if you aren’t already. Watch me do my thing. It will be fun.


Yeah, fun. Remember having fun? Lighten up. I didn’t invent fun. But I may have been responsible for Andrew W.K. Same concept.

Really, nothing I’m proud of. The first guy was better.





Has shit in his bio.

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