How to Get Hot Writer Chicks to Come to Your Mom’s to Shoot a Video

I didn’t send a DM saying hi

Hogan Torah
4 min readFeb 21, 2022


Image by Hogan Torah

On 2.22.22 The Adult Channels pilot episode will be available to watch on YouTube. It’s a collaboration between Mysterious Witt and Myself. But I’m the sole producer.

As soon as I announced it, everyone wanted to know how a guy like me got someone like Mysterious Witt to shoot a video with them.

And to everyone who wondered that, go fuck yourselves.

Do you know who the fuck I am? Have you read my work? Have you ever wondered how I’m seemingly everywhere and how I got everyone to write about me to point where I’m a topic?

Congrats to Aimée Gramblin for being the top writer in me! Wait..

You want to know how I did it?

By being that damn good.

You can talk about your algorithm, what time to post, and the importance of niching down. Meanwhile I’m over here being creative and writing actual literature, not what I think will make a buck. While proving all your bogus theories wrong.

If you’re here to get rich, you’re a moron. Period. I’m a writer. Those guys are cosplayers. I’ve never experienced imposter syndrome because I don’t pull advice out of my ass and try to pass it off as gospel.

My detractors are pathetic bums who aged out of college at 30 that are too ugly and too self conscious to make it as YouTubers. If people are stupid enough to believe the numbers they claim with screenshots, wait till you get a load of Adult Channels!

If you’re smart, you would wonder why I chose Mysterious Witt for this project. Witt said yes because she’s a multimedia polymath and saw the potential.

I approached Mysterious Witt the same way I approach every fellow writer. I make fun of them to see how they react.

What you don’t want to do is object. Block me and you’re my new punching bag. Laughing at yourself works. Ignoring me is also acceptable. But the correct response to being picked on by me is to hit me back. Instant respect.



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