Love Will Tear Us Apart

Revenge porn hits home

I was finishing up my writing day when I heard the unmistakable drone of a turbocharged 2.5 liter flat four Subaru engine.

Odd, she’s home a half hour early. Oh dear, it looks like she’s been crying. Aw shit, she must have gotten fired. I know when I get home a half hour early and have been crying it’s because I got fired.

Somehow it was worse. Her shithead ex had struck again. This time sending nude pictures of her to her boss.

She was devastated and humiliated. Though her body is like something out of a drawing from Heavy Metal magazine (unreal) and nothing to be ashamed of, I understood how embarrassed she was.

The pictures were over 5 years old as they’ve been apart for that many years. She doesn’t know what the pictures contain.

She was worried about getting fired. HR and her company’s security team are involved. I assured her that their involvement was to protect her and not to punish her.

She works for a very large company. I hope they have enough sense not to punish the victim.

I assured her this wasn’t her fault and he’s 100% the asshole in this situation.

Last night I dreamt that Anna and I were at a house. Except she didn’t speak English. Probably having something to do with falling asleep watching 90 Day Fiance.

Suddenly a volcano erupted in the distance. I tried to protect her from the rocks hurtling towards us, but ultimately the ground gave way as the volcano dream turned into a falling dream.

Dream interpretation is not my thing, but I’m pretty sure that translates to helplessness.

I’m going back to Los Angeles in about a week. Leaving her alone. I have a big problem with that.

Reference the dead girlfriend story for additional background.

If I Stayed This Story Might Have a Happier Ending — | by Hogan Torah | Genius in a Bottle | Medium

I claim to fear nothing. The thought of leaving now with this sack of shit lurking in the shadows while in full stalker mode is not sitting well with me.

She assures me she’ll be fine and can take care of herself. She’s planning on staying elsewhere when I leave. Still, I feel helpless and impotent I don’t have the cash to pay the increased rent if I did stay.

What’s hard is communicating that I’m not mad at her for having a stalker. I’m mad about not being able to do more. I know these overprotective feelings are spillover from past trauma. Still…

Again, any person worth being with is worth fighting for. But I’m a wrestler in a UFC match against someone who’s found a way to neutralize my ground game and my punches can’t break through wet paper.

Last night the Cops came to take a report. The coming to the house uninvited was one thing, but emailing her boss nudes had to be dealt with.

Colorado does have a revenge porn law, however:

Posting or distributing through the use of social media or any web site any photograph, video, or other image displaying the private intimate parts of an identifiable person eighteen years of age or older with the intent to harass the depicted person and inflict serious emotional distress upon the depicted person.

So does email count? Are the police even aware of this law?

I know I’d feel a million times better leaving knowing this scumbag is in jail.

I’m trying to enjoy the time we have left, but this asshole is doing a great job of fucking with our heads.

Founder of my keys every morning. Ex-baby. Google me, I autofill.

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