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This story is intended for new writers wondering where to start their writing journey.

Allow myself to introduce myself. I am microcelebrity satirist Hogan Torah and I’ve been writing on Medium for 18 months.

Google me, I auto fill.

I did that by writing on Medium. I’ve been publishing my writing on the internet for over 25 years. Recently I’ve written on Quora, Wattpad, Newsbreak, Vocal, and Mirror XYZ. While I had a lot fun writing on those platforms, they didn’t do for me what Medium did.

Today I choose to publish all of my stories on Medium. Sign up now using this link.

Not convinced yet?

Why is Medium the most difficult platform to become a top writer on?

You’re publishing your work next to some of the biggest names in writing on the internet. Writers like Sean Kernan, Tucker Max, Meghan Daum, John DeVore, Roz Warren, Nicolas Cole, and Barack Obama just to name a few.

You think you have what it takes to be a professional writer? There’s no better place to prove it than right here.

I already have a WordPress blog

I had a WordPress blog I published my work on for four years that got hundreds of unique visitors a day. I never made a dime because of the adult nature of some of my content. I’d been on Medium a few months when the time came time to renew my site. I let it lapse and never regretted it. Medium takes care of the backend stuff leaving you free to do what you do best, write.

It cost me a hundred dollars a year for everything my website. Medium is fifty dollars when you buy a year subscription in advance. You can bring your custom domain over and use it on Medium. Medium has a tool to port all of your blog posts onto Medium. You retain ownership of the story.

Medium makes you or your brand more visible. Google search is likely to pick up your story on Medium which is currently the #116 most visited website in the world. You earn with Medium every time a member reads your stories or when a non member signs up through your link.

Which is why I’m publishing this story in front of the paywall and asking you to join Medium today.

How much money can I make?

Results vary. My friend Fatim Hemraj made over two thousand dollars her first month on Medium. That’s the truth and she worked her ass off.

My first month I made $5.34. It took publishing hundreds of stories before I made more than a hundred dollars through the Medium partner program. Over 90% of writers on Medium make less than 100 dollars a month.

The top 1% are making more. Lots more. Not everyone has what it takes to get to that 1%, but you won’t know if you don’t try.

It’s not a scam. I assure you my Stripe payments are very real. I’ve never made less than five bucks in a month.

You earn so much more than money though. You meet like minded writers. I’ve searched my whole life for my people. I found them here. I’ve met up with other writers I’ve met here. Medium has even gotten me laid. Your results may vary but you won’t know unless you try.

They told me humor on Medium didn’t pay. They said my writing was too out there for Medium readers.

I said, “Hold my beer.”

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Join Medium today.




I Identify as a loaf of bread. White/whole wheat

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Hogan Torah

Hogan Torah

I Identify as a loaf of bread. White/whole wheat

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