The Right Way to Approach Women Online for Nudes

How to slide into her DMs without being a creep

Hogan Torah


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My experience

Four years ago, I started a space on Quora called The Boneyard. There weren’t any spaces to post erotic literature, so I made one. A few months in I made a girl a moderator and she posted nude pictures of herself. Her pictures did 10 times the views of all the erotic lit I’d posted combined.

Without me asking more women submitted nudes for me to post. I was a new writer looking for exposure. If they wanted sex, I could do sex.

Every time a woman posted nudes the peanut gallery would demand more or neg her. I told them if they did it again, I would banhammer them. My plan was to teach all the horny desperate dudes visiting The Boneyard the right way to talk to talk to women.

Come for the nudes, stay and learn to be less creepy.

The rules were nothing pornographic, no negative comments, and no professional pictures.

Every picture I received and posted was apricated by the audience of the Boneyard. Only complements. Break the rules, get publicly ridiculed then banhammered.

One day a guy submitted a dick pic. My reflex was to reject it. The more I thought about it the more I realized that if I’m preaching sexual equality what a hypocrite I’d be if I rejected the dick.

When I published that first dick, I was hoping that it would be the beginning of the end of the adult website I accidently created.

Boy was I wrong. Traffic to my Quora space increased by 10-fold again. I started getting hundreds of nudes a day, and everyone was loving it.

That’s over 1 million page views a week

I posted them all. Dicks or pussies, big or small, fat or thin. Sex was the category, but it was really about body positivity.

Then one day I got banhammered by Quora. The Boneyard is still there but it’s a shell of what it was. Today it’s nothing I’m proud of but I learned from the experience.

What not to do



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