The Weird Secret Slot Machine Battle in Star Fox

Why won’t any publication touch this?

Hogan Torah
3 min readNov 1, 2020


Image u/Shogun_Okami from Reddit

Star Fox on the Super Nintendo is a bizarre game to begin with.

You play as Fox McCloud, flying your Airwing through through the Lylat planetary system shooting at stuff. Accompanying you are a bunch of useless gibberish talking anthropomorphic animals who do nothing to help fight the evil Andross. The most useless of the lot is a frog named Slippy who constantly needs saving.

Ribit! Most useless sidekick ever I am.

The secret level is called Out of Bounds. To access the level you have to shoot an asteroid which turns into an egg which hatches a bird you need to run into. The boss of Out of Bounds is a giant slot machine?

Image by seachordart

You don’t play it, you fight it. And you fight it by playing it. And you play it by shooting it with lasers from your space ship.

Shooting the alien gambling machine’s lever spins the reels. Three 7's cause the boss to self-destruct. Other combinations gives you healing items or it shoots missiles at you. If you die, the game ends. If you win, the game ends and the credits roll.

Image by Habiyeru

Out of This Dimension should probably remain a secret. You need to beat the slot machine quickly before the scrolling background causes motion sickness or epileptic seizure renders you incapable of finishing. The Super Nintendo used the FX chip in this game to expand it’s capabilities. The skilled programmers who worked on Star Fox discovered a way to make you nauseous.



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