What I Learned From My First 10 Posts on Medium

Hogan Torah
4 min readJul 11, 2020

Click bait titles work, Medium won’t curate click bait images, Sex sells. I’m not doing it right but I’ve yet to see anyone that is. Spell check your titles twice.

10 Posts 3 days. Not much data in but Right away a few things jump out.

My first 10 posts

Your title is great but you still need quality content to count as a read. I made the first part of insulting title story rambling on purpose to see if I could put filler behind an epic title. Seems like 4–6 minutes is the sweet spot.

I need to tone down the pictures. I’m scaring the elderly off. Suggestive works better than graphic.

They probably don’t think I have the rights to these photos. I know these girls. I’m from Hollywood. I took this off the one on the left’s Facebook. I asked, she was stoked.


I think I need 40 more shit posts to experiment with till I pick a direction.

I see why a lot of writers fail here. The dreaded blank page. That was the nice thing about Quora. Had those prompts. Kinda fun not knowing what you were going to write and then clicking around until you found it. But here I can do anything. I don’t have a problem of don’t know what to write, there’s too many ideas.

What made me unique thus successful there was answering any question by telling a narrative involving Hogan Torah.

On Medium your writing is way more exposed. I don’t imagine the writing at 5th grade level works best here. Your potential audience paid 5 bucks a month. Nobody’s comment bombing you here. If you suck you suck. No naked pic cheat code here.


I’m not writing articles. I will never write an article about writing articles and at the same time trash writing articles in the article. The person writing that should be kissing article’s ass. Everyone is doing articles. I’d be on MSN if I wanted to read articles.

No Writing about writing until I have 10k followers. Writing about writing is a cheap pop. I’m not the guy that’s going to tell you how to write. I’m going to write out my thought process so you can see how I do it.

If you’re reading this you should follow me. It will be very hipster when you say you the first person to follow me. Trust me. I am that damn good. This is just an exercise here. It helps when I write out my thoughts. Claps are whatever. Follows are whatever. I want fans.

Time is irrelevant. I’m not taking any shortcuts this time. Like on Quora I just went around answering anything that Sean Kernan had recently for my first 50 answers there. It worked. It’s called dick riding.

Let’s see what caught my eye while browsing around


What the hell did I do to unlock this? All I did was read Alexander Porter. Dammit Porter! You did this to me! No more weird sex for me. I’ve had enough. Long story.


Oh, she’ll send pictures. It’s just the same 4 pictures over and over. That’s funny. Even Longer story.


Great picture. Great title. I’ll bookmark it.


I mean, that’s genius. This right here is how to do it. It’s perfect.

The stock photo looks great. I’m going to look into paying for photos Maybe someone has a plan that’s 5 bucks per month. It really is worth it to get the resolution of the pictures right. Nobody uses their own. I’ll experiment with stock pics on my own. See you in a week when I hit 25 stories.

I need to change my avatar to something you look at and say, “Hey! This guy is an asshole!” In neon flashing lights. I’ll figure it out. Just put it in MSpaint 3d and push buttons.



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