Year of The Rabbit: Hogan Torah Year in Review

2023 is the year I lost my mind

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Welcome to my annual year end recap. It’s a look back at my most notable stories I published during 2023. It’s been a wild year full of ups and downs as it pertains to my writing. There were some potholes in the road but I’m still trucking.

The first story I want to talk about wasn’t a smash hit but it’s noteworthy because I made 80 bucks writing about my dong. My wiener is nothing to brag about so I told the world how average it is. I must of struck a chord with the other men that are afflicted with an average size cock.

It took maybe an hour to write. This year I plan on writing more about my dick and maybe other people’s dicks too.

This next story is my top earner for the year. My movie lists are always moneymakers except when they're not.

Movie lists are 5 times the work of a story like this. It’s like writing 10 separate stories but you're putting all your eggs in the same basket. The recent changes to the algorithm have nerfed the effectiveness of my movie lists. Maybe my new ones just suck. Either way it’s not worth the effort.

I’m out of original list ideas. I’ve talked about all the movies I wanted to talk about. I’m on indefinite hiatus from making movie lists for a while. Sorry.

Did I mention I went crazy this year? I got an advanced persistent threat on my computer that I couldn’t figure out. For three weeks I went ham on my PC. Then I started thinking there was a electromagnetic pulse device under the floor in my office.

I was still mostly sane when I wrote this at the end of January.



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