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The witt and wisdom of the Torah as he reveals his biggest hits, misses, and talks money

Hogan Torah
6 min readNov 29, 2022


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At the end of every year, I evaluate my writing performance. If I’m not trending up, I need to get a job and suppress the writing bug I’ve caught since getting sober(ish).

I am happy to report, I ain’t going nowhere.

Of course my numbers are up, I’m Hogan Torah dammit! I do it my way, because my way works for me.

Normally I’m like David Lynch where I don’t discuss my art and leave it up to the public to find the meaning, if any. Today I feel like talking about me.

I’ve gathered my 10 most important stories of this year. Hit’s, misses, and personal favorites. Here’s some numbers.

Stories: 181

Total views for 2022: 262,000

Total read time: 170 days

January trolls and tribulations

The year did not start well. My lowest earning month was January. In December I had spent most of the month working on my top 100 music videos of all time. Which made about 30 bucks.

In January I made the decision to finish the Choose Your Own Adventure style story I had begun. To get it to work, I had to unlist all the parts but the first one.

The original story had 40 sections. I had built the story out to have 15 endings, but I should have written up. I cut all the surprises and weirdness to get it down to 12 sections and 5 endings.

Figure 2 hours per section, plus art, recording the video portions, reworking the story and arguing with MuddyUm about how to publish it. 40+ hours of work.

Story earnings to date: $3.52


My 3rd story published for the year out of wound up as my new signature story and it was a hit.



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